“Absurd and impossible”- Sara on allegations that COVID-19 is a scam

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte dismissed allegations that the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a scam.

“It is very absurd and impossible,” Duterte said in an interview aired over the Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) today.

Duterte said there are “no reasons why the government would deceive the people regarding the virus because it is government that is bearing the brunt of the pandemic.”

She said no government would want to fail in delivering the services needed by the people.

Duterte also dismissed the disinformation being raised by some sectors regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Among the allegations include people turning into zombies or dying after getting vaccinated.

“It is impossible that governments all over the world will all agree to depopulate and kill the citizens with the vaccine,” she said.

It is believed that the hesitation on getting vaccinated is somehow related to religious belief.

“But science and faith are not compatible because there is no science in faith—it’s purely your belief that there is a supreme being out there who is controlling everything that is happening in this world—and there is no scientific research that has proven that,” she said.

On the other hand, she said, virus is science-based and backed by numerous studies and not a deception.

“Just like the separation of church and state let us separate science and faith,” she said.

Duterte urged those campaigning against vaccination by telling people that they would turn into a zombie to stop as they will lose their credibility in the end.

She challenged them to also declare that they will get themselves vaccinated in the event that those who already got the vaccines fail to turn into zombies.

Duterte said the biggest segment of the religious sector is the Roman Catholic Church so she has to check with the religious sector in the city if that is true.

“It was the religious leaders here who were the very first ones to offer their facilities for the vaccination to encourage people to do that,” she said. For the other faith-based organziation we have to check, she added.

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