Sandara Park makes it to KPOP’s Richest Idols List

Sandara’s Instagram account shows the KPOP idol rocking a new hair color

Korean singer and actress Sandara Park, more popularly known as Dara in the KPOP world, made it to the list of the Top 10 Richest Idols in the Korean Popular (Kpop) music industry for 2021.

Dara’s rise to fame started in 2009 after she became a member of 2NE1, an all-girl Kpop group. However, sandara became popular in the Philippines as early as 2004 when she joined the Star Circle Quest.

Her $25-million net worth is a result not only of her successful stint in the Korean music industry. She is also an endorser of popular world-famous brands like Nikon and Etude House, Samsung, Fila and even Nintendo Wii.

Sandara Park has lived up to her name which means wise and clever, as she has stock market investments. She also invested in real estate and has a successful perfume and vodka business.

Her fans have always been curious about G Dragon and Dara’s relationship considering they were both artists of YG Entertainment. Big Bang’s G Dragon, who is said to be worth $55 million, is at the top of the Richest KPOP list, thanks to his revenue from his musical compositions and income streams from YouTube and Spotify.

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