Farah Abu—making things beautiful even during the pandemic

Is it even possible to look good during the pandemic considering that face masks and face shields are must-wears for everyone?

It is easy to look hideous with almost half of your face covered. You might say it is petty, but knowing that you look good can boost your confidence and lessen the desperation brought by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Such was the dilemma faced mostly by fashionistas, and to some extent even by ordinary people.

Then came the FARAH ABU Stella Mask.

“Your mask doesn’t have to ruin your outfit. You just have to find one that matches it,” Farah Abu, designer and Chief Executive Officer, told eNews in an interview.

Farah said the Stella Mask was a “passion project to inspire us to dress up even when we feel restricted because amidst this pandemic, there is still a way to make things beautiful even when our faces are covered.”

FARAH ABU is known as an accessory brand with a range of products definitely not limited to jewelry just for the neck, wrist and ears. It also carries an array of bags, headdresses, body jewelry, bag charms and all types of accessories.

“I’ve been in the industry for the longest time because it’s never been boring for me. The thought of having limitless possibilities in designing is what has always kept me going,” she said when asked what inspired her to design the mask.

“As an artist, it always brings me joy to be able to create something new, for imagination’s sake. I am happy that our brand is known for our statement earrings, but I will not stop there. I would love to be identified as an artist who creates any kind of wearable art.”

Farah said the Stella Mask is also a response to increasing demand from her clients who kept on asking her to release a mask collection during the pandemic.

“With necessity and creativity in mind, I took my time designing one… to create something essential, while promoting everyone to be safe with a touch of FARAH ABU,” she said.

“It wouldn’t hurt to make something essential, beautiful and fabulous while keeping us safe right?”

The intricate wiring technique, which is the first thing that will catch your attention once you see the mask, is a FARAH ABU signature. It can be seen in most of her products.

Farah has indeed mastered the art of “wiring” and while it looks good, others may be hesitant about the comfort of the mask.

She said the secret to having the best comfort for anything wearable is always the fit. She spent the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) figuring out how the mask would fit everyone’s face, given their different shapes and sizes.

“I sewed all the prototypes and tested them one by one until I got the right pattern. I made sure the Stella masks have adjusters so you can adjust it to your comfort. It can’t be too loose nor too tight. It has to be just right. And when it’s just right, it’s like second skin,” she said.

Farah’s determination to release a good product may have delayed the release of the Stella Mask, late November of last years, but it was well worth it. She said it can be annoying to wear masks because of the heat and she took that as a challenge to make something that people would actually enjoy wearing.

While the Stella Mask is not a medical grade mask, it is still essential as it was designed to promote the wearing of masks to keep everyone safe.

“As a designer we also have the responsibility to create such designs, that’s why we take our time researching and doing product development,” she said.

The FARAH ABU Stella Mask is not just a fashion accessory because it keeps you safe in style!

Farah’s brand motto is “to make things beautiful and make beautiful things.”

It is just amazing that she has lived up to this motto when she finally came up with the Stella Mask.

What you get when you buy the Stella Mask

  1. A detachable tarnish-free chain strap-something to hold the mask when you remove it for a bit
  2. An agate pendant to convert your chain strap into a necklace
  3. FARAH ABU strap adjusters-for that perfect fit you need
  4. Five (5) extra non-woven filter for an added layer of protection-the Stella mask has a pocket for filter inserts
  5. BIO-ARMOR Repel which is an antimicrobial repellant treatment-we spray and cure it before releasing
  6. A pouch-so you have somewhere to store your Stella Mask in when you are out.
  7. A hard box to keep it safe

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