DTI 11 intensifies monitoring of Noche Buena products

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Davao Region has intensified its monitoring of Noche Buena products following the issuance of the new bulletin indicating the suggested retail price (SRP) for specific commodities this year.

Establishments, particularly groceries and supermarkets, must strictly follow the latest set of SRPs to avoid penalties. The Noche Buena products are the ingredients or food items that are frequently served during Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations.

DTI XI Regional Director Maria Belenda Q. Ambi said based on the newly released SRP bulletin, the prices of most products have remained the same. She further shared that while other products have posted an increase, this is only minimal.

“If you compare the current SRPs with their 2020 level, it can be observed that most products on the list have remained to be the same. And if there is any increase, it is very minimal. Hence, it shows that we have a stable supply of these products in our local market,” Ambi said.

The 2021 “SRP Bulletin: Mababang Presyo Para sa Inyo Ngayong Pasko” is effective starting on November 23. This means that the concerned business establishments are not allowed to sell the identified Noche Buena products beyond the prescribed SRPs from the said date. Should they go above the prescribed prices, they will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Price Act.

“With the new SRP Bulletin for Noche Buena products, they are mandated to follow since this is already the legal basis of DTI in determining if there is a prima facie evidence, or if there is a probable cause, for us to declare that a violation has really been committed,” Ambi said.

Ambi said DTI offices throughout the region will continue to do regular rounds among the business establishments in their respective areas of jurisdiction. This is to ensure that consumers will get their money’s worth and enjoy the holiday season without overspending.

She said the public should shop for unperishable products in advance to avoid the holiday rush. She reminded everyone to check the price tags based on the SRP list of the consumer products they are buying. They need to read the labels carefully and compare the prices of different brands as well.

“Rest assured that DTI will always stay true with our commitment to protect the consumers. While we do regular monitoring of several products, we would like to request the public to file a formal complaint if they have witnessed or experienced any violation of their rights as consumers,” Ambi said.

The 2021 Noche Buena products’ SRP Bulletin can be accessed from the DTI website. For inquiries, consumers may contact the official social media page of the nearest DTI office.(PR)

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